Model Development + Coaching

The modelling industry has certainly come a long way from the days of balancing books on heads to train new faces. Models are now required to act, move, embody and represent ideas, cultures, fantasies and beauty ideals at a pace never seen before.

Without the skills and training it can be a very tough career both mentally and physically to navigate and MOVEMENT+ training programs help empower  both young and established models with confidence, insight and relevant performative skills to be at their best.

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Private Classes

These classes are fully tailored to the individual combining whatever is needed to develop skills for the runway, photoshoots and moving image projects.  A personalise, intensive way to learn and develop the performative aspects of being a successful model.


The Squad
The Claw

        AW20 Movement+ Girls  on the Runway 


“Couldn’t thank you enough for yesterday! I think since I started modelling I’ve become more insecure based on the differentiating feedback given and direction wanted causing me to literally become a mannequin. I am art and I am a human being. Your class brought me back to that and gave me my confidence back, and I learned so much from you. I am so grateful for your impact on my heart and on my career. Thank you for reminding me of my humanity in this industry.”

Claire Delozier ( Next )

“I walk on set with more of an idea of what I can bring to each character now. A good model is a good actor and your workshop made me realise that. I am far more confident and comfortable at work. Thank you !”

Lulu Reynolds ( Select )

“I had a really positive experience working with Ryan. He made me feel very much part of the project and visible within the workplace, something that can be hard to feel as a model on set. His movement direction gave me confidence to move freely and comfortably in my body, and having him around was a vital ingredient to mediate between myself and the others involved in the project. His work created a positive dynamic amongst the team and resulted in more genuine and authentic pictures. Thank you Ryan for helping bring the shoot to life”

Hirschy Grace ( The Squad )

“To be honest, I wasn’t so thrilled when I first heard I’d be going to a modelling training. I had the mindset ‘ isn’t experience the best teacher?’. But after your class...just leaving the room, I realised three major things; how naive I was, how incredibly lucky I had been to be in the room, and how much I had learned in such little time! Worth more than years of experience could’ve taught me. I’m still so impressed and grateful for all the tips and skills learnt, and how much more confident and empowered I became after your workshop.”

Amarachi I. Ironekwe ( Select )

“Ryan is very easy to get along with and somehow made myself and the other models on the shoot feel comfortable with him and also with one another. He allowed everyone to engage and bring out their best as well as make the shoot fun and lively”

Robin Shrestha ( STORM )

“When I was a new model in London, I was able to shoot some amazing editorials. One in particular stood out to me specifically because of Ryan Chappell. Normally I am shy with movement and this was the first time I had to dance on set. Having Ryan’s energy there showing me different inspirations for movement allowed me to bring out a different side. Now forever I can take that energy with me anywhere anytime ”

Dominic Augustin ( Elite )

“Thank you for your workshop! I recently had a shoot and for the first time I actually felt like I sort of knew what I was doing, I was even complimented on my posing! It was amazing and really fun”

Biba ( Select )

“I met Ryan on a British Vogue shoot. I have a hard time on set sometimes to put my actions in real motion to suit an aesthetic. Ryan helped me get my movement right and that shoot taught me how to approach any situation that requires me to build a story in my head to facilitate a photograph coming to life”

Radhika Nair ( Storm )

“Ryan was a great help on my shoot for Rain magazine. He was enthusiastic, helpful and very approachable. Above everything else he was able to make me feel comfortable when working with him by adapting his method and style of directing in order to best suit me. Without him I honestly don’t think I could have performed on the shoot as well as I did and therefore I believe his presence and expertise were as valuable on set as the hair/ makeup artist, the stylist and the photographer”

Ricardo Dines ( Premier )

“I’m definitely not a dancer or have natural rhythm for movement but I felt confident and at ease working with Ryan. He gave me ideas and showed me exactly how I should move and what kind of attitude I should have. It was something that made me very nervous but Ryan turned it into a really fun and enjoyable experience. ”

Jiahe Zhang ( Storm )

“Ryan was the first movement director I ever worked with and it was an absolute pleasure. His creativity and way of working made me feel at ease to go past my comfort zone and it genuinely felt like we were collaborating together not him just telling me what to do. I would love to work together again in the future”

Melody Vroom ( The Face )

“I was lucky enough to have Ryan on set at my first major editorial for Vogue Hommes. I was nervous about meeting the expectations but became more and more comfortable primarily due to Ryan’s genuine advice and assistance. With Ryan on the other side of the lens taking me through each shot verbally and physically I believe I was able to bring out the best possible performance for the camera. Really wonderful person to work with that I still to this day look for on every call sheet.”

Liam Kelly ( Rebel Management)

“Ryan and I worked together on a commercial video for Valentino. Ryan directed me all the way, showing me the movements to do, the emotions to have and also explained the character I had to become. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did on that shoot. I really admire his work and would highly recommend him”

Mouna Fadiga ( Elite )

“Ryan is an amazing guy to work with great energy, expertise and lots of fun”

Ludwig Wilsdorff ( Wilhelmina)